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Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams




Jack McCracken, a businessman – Nigel Planer

Poppy, his wife – Serena Evans

Ken Ayres, his father-in-law – John Nettleton

Tina, his elder daughter – Claire Carrie

Roy Ruston, Tina’s husband – Damien Matthews

Samantha, his younger daughter – Lindsey Fawcett

Cliff, his brother – Daniel Flynn

Anita, Cliff’s wife – Issy van Randwyck

Desmond Ayres, his brother-in-law – Peter Forbes

Harriet, Desmond’s wife – Vicki Pepperdine

Yvonne Doggett, Harriet’s sister – Christine Absalom

Benedict Hough, a private investigator – Christopher Luscombe

Lotario Rivetti –  Damien Goodwin

Uberto Rivetti  – Edmond Giowani

Orlando Rivetti  Italian businessmen – Ian Mindgewood

Vincenzo Rivetti  – Dwaine Mooding

Giorgio Rivetti – Doogie Windman

Kevin Ruston – Daisy Flynn


Director – Rachel Kavanaugh

Designer – Francis O’Connor

Lighting Designer – Tim Mitchell

Sound Designer – Gregory Clarke for Aura Sound

Fight Director – Terry King

Voice Coach – Jeannette Nelson

Italian Coach – Edward Williams

Assistant Director – Steven James-Little

Casting – Sarah Hughes, Stephen Joseph Theatre


Company Manager – Natalia Jaksic

Stage Manager – Elizabeth Crabtree

Deputy Stage Manager – Becky Merritt

Assistant Stage Managers – Jacqui Swann, Jo Hotchkiss



Cliff/Benedict Hough – Bruce Barnden

Roy Ruston/Lotario Rivetti/Uberto Rivetti/Orlando Rivetti/

Vincenzo Rivetti/Giorgio Rivetti – Ryan Hurst

Harriet/Yvonne Doggett – Fiz Marcus

Tina/Samantha – Suzy Marston

Jack McCracken/Desmond Ayres – Andrew McDonald

Ken Ayres – Ian Parsons

Poppy/Anita – Pippa Rathborne


July: Wed 19P, Thu 20P, Fri 21F, Sat 22m&e, Mon 24, Tue 25PN, Fri 28(D), Sat 29m&e

August: Tue 1, Wed 2, Thu 3m(D)&e(S), Sat 5e, Mon 7, Tue 8, Thu 10e, Fri 11(D), Sat 12m,

Wed 23, Thu 24m&e, Tue 29

September: Fri 1(D), Sat 2m(D), Mon 4, Thu 7e, Fri 8(D), Sat 9m, Tue 12, Wed 13, Thu 14m, Sat 16,

Mon 18, Thu 21e, Fri 22(D), Sat 23m, Wed 27, Thu 28m, Sat 30L


P = Preview

F = First Night

PN = Press Night

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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