Digital Archive:Cast List, Damsel in Distress (2015)

Orchestra and Musical Numbers for Damsel in Distress (2015)


Musical Director – Alan Williams

Assistant Musical Director / Keyboard – Phil Cornwell

Drums / Percussion – Matt French

Double Bass – Rob Hutchinson

Guitar – Craig Oxley

Violin – Will Hillman

Trumpets – Jean-Paul Gervasoni, Richard Freeman

Trombone – Steve Haynes

Woodwinds – Adrian Revell, Sarah James, Gemma Moore

Orchestral Management – Andy Barnwell (assisted by Pete Harrison) for Musical Co-ordination Services Ltd.

Music Assistant – Thomas Duchan

Keyboard Programmer – Phij Adams

Associate Keyboard Programmer – Dan Gregory

Copyist – Mark Cumberland




Overture – Orchestra

Things Are Looking Up – Billie and Ensemble

Put Me To The Test – George, Billie

Mine – Lord Marshmoreton

The Jolly Milkmaid And The Tar – Keggs, Reggie, Alice

Nice Work If You Can Get It – Maud, Alice

Feeling I’m Falling – George

I’m A Poached Egg – Reggie

You Are You – George, Alice, Reggie, Lord Marshmoreton, Lady Caroline

Stiff Upper Lip – Billie, Pierre, Keggs, Dorcas and Ensemble

Evening Star – Maud

Feeling I’m Falling (Reprise) – George


Entr’acte – Orchestra

I Can’t Be Bothered Now – Billie and Ensemble

Love Walked In – Lord Marshmoreton, Billie

French Pastry Walk – Dorcas, Pierre and Ensemble

Soon – Maud, George, Billie

Mine (Reprise) – Lord Marshmoreton, Billie

Fidgety Feet – Reggie, George and Ensemble

Sing Of Spring – Lady Caroline

I’m A Poached Egg (Reprise) – Reggie, Alice

Mine (Reprise II) – Lord Marshmoreton, Billie

A Foggy Day – George

Finale – Full Company


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