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Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams




Cast in order of speaking

Clara Eynsford Hill – Candida Benson

Mrs Eynsford Hill – Marty Cruickshank

Freddy Eynsford Hill – Peter Sandys-Clarke

Eliza Doolittle – Honeysuckle Weeks

Coonel Pickering – Peter Eyre

Henry Higgins – Rupert Everett

Mrs Pearce – Susie Blake

Alfred Doolitttle – Phil Davis

Mrs Higgins – Stephanie Cole

Porters/Bystanders/Parlourmaids – Rebecca Birch, Freya Dominic, Brendan Hooper, Tristram Wymark

Director/Designer – Philip Prowse

Lighting Designer – Gerry Jenkinson

Casting Director – Gabrielle Dawes CDG

Assistant Director – Tim Hoare

Costume Supervisor – Jane Hamilton

Wigs Supervisor – Danuta Barszczewsk

Props Supervisor – Chris Marcus & Jonathan Hall for Marcus Hall Props

Production Manager – Dan Watkins

Company & Stage Manager – Maggie Mackay

Deputy Stage Manager – Anne Baxter

Assistant Stage Managers – Janine Bardsley, Claire Rundle



Eliza Doolittle – Rebecca Birch

Mrs Higgins/Mrs Eynsford Hill/Mrs Pearce – Freya Dominic

Henry Higgins – Tristram Wymark


July: Fri 9SP, Sat 10SP, Mon 12SP, Tue 13P, Wed 14P, Thu 15(T), Fri 16, Sat 17m&e,

Mon 19PN, Thu 29m&e, Sat 31m(D)&e

Aug: Wed 4m(D)&e, Thu 5, Fri 6, Mon 9, Tue 10, Sat 14m&e, Mon 16, Tue 17, Sat 21m&e,

Wed 25m&e(S), Fri 27m&L(D)


SP = Spirit FM Preview

P = Preview

PN = Press Night

T = Post Show Discussion (After Words)

m = mat

e = eve

L = Last Performance


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