Digital Archive:Oral history clips, The building in the 60s (2013-2015)

A series of clips describing the building in the sixties

Cantilevers, Christopher Stevens
Project Architect on the 1962 Christopher Stevens talks about the day the props were removed from the building and the cantilevers had to support the building by themselves

Lending a hand in the Box Office, Patricia Kemp
Former Usherette and Head of Front of House in the Minerva Theatre Patricia Kemp describes lending a hand in the Box Office before the process was computerised

Wardrobe huts, Eileen Norris
Former Assistant Stage Manager Eileen Norris explains how CFT housed it’s Wardrobe department in the early years

Laurence Olivier and Door 6, Val Leggate
Usherette Val Leggate describes working front of house in the 1960s and how Laurence Olivier wanted things done

Wobbling windows, Christopher Stevens 
Project Architect on the 1962 build Christopher Stevens talks about how he and his team dealt with problems with the building

Prompt corner, Rosemary Chapman 
Assistant Stage Manager during the 1969 season Rosemary Chapman explains where she would sit during a performance to prompt any actors who forgot their lines

Collapsing seats, Christopher Stevens
Christopher Stevens talks about issues they had with the seating in the auditorium during the first season

Joyce Grenfell, Eileen Norris 
Former Assistant Stage Manager Eileen Norris describes meeting Joyce Grenfell in a rather unusual situation

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All interviews were recorded between 2013 and 2015, CFT digital archive

Interview summary Christopher Stevens PIOOH018
Interview summary Patricia Kemp PIOOH010
Interview summary Val Leggate PIOOH038
Interview summary Eileen Norris PIOOH036
Interview summary Rosemary Chapman PIOOH045


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