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Oral history clips, Uncle Vanya (2013 – 2015)

A series of clips remembering the 1962 production of Uncle Vanya

Oral history clips, The building in the 60s (2013-2015)

A series of clips describing the building in the sixties

Oral history clip, Janet Bakose (2013)

Five clips from CFT’s Theatre Manager including working in box office in the 70s, managing a royal visit and Tent in the Park

Oral history clips, Community plays (2013 – 2015)

A series of clips describing some of CFTs productions that have involved members of the local community

Oral history clip, Karl Meier (2013)

Head of Stage, Karl Meier on working behind the scenes at CFT

Oral history clip, Jean Skaptason (2014)

Memories of working in the costumes workshop in 1962, 1963 and 1964

Oral history clip, Pamela Howard (2014)

Memories of working with a thrust stage and designing for Terra Nova (1980)

Oral history clip, Christopher Stevens (2013)

Looking back on the construction of Chichester Festival Theatre

Oral history clip, Chris Larkin (2014)

Looking back on working in the CFT Tent

Oral history clip, Rosemary Chapman (2013)

Looking back on working on The Magistrate in 1968

Oral history clip, Annemarie Nicholls (2014)

Annemarie Nicholls remembers working in box office from the late 70s onwards.

Oral history clip, Adrian Whitaker (2014)

Making props and working behind the scenes at CFT