Memory: Follow The Star (1974)


  1. I came to the CFT production of Follow the Star when I was a child and I still remember the mad antics of the angels sliding down slides from heaven. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, not your standard pantomime and has given me a strong bond with CFT ever since. Thankfully I have moved back near enough to be able to come regularly. Worth a rerun? Would love to bring my children to see it.

From: Hannah Emerton

2. Memory not too good now but I remember coming to the theatre in the 70s when we were living in Southsea, to see the Christmas panto “Follow the Star”. All very innovative with apron stage and the cast running round the auditorium. Great fun!

From: Anon

Memory: Goodnight Mister Tom (2013)


My very favourite production I have ever seen at Chi. It was so very well produced and every aspect was so moving – brilliant. And it was said that John Thor was the only man to play Mr Tom!

From: Maggie Smith

Other comments: The Festival Theatre is my very favourite theatre.