Digital Archive:Cast List, Out of this World (2004)

Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams




music & lyrics by COLE PORTER (1950)


revised book by GREG MacKELLAN

additional material by JEREMY SAMS

based on Plautus’ Amphitryon (c186 BC)

On Mount Olympus

Jupiter – Nicolas Colicos

Juno – Anne Reid

Mercury – Richard Dempsey

Diana – Anna Lowe

Minerva – Julie Atherton

Venus – Sophie-Louise Dann

Night – Julie Barnes

Day – Alexis Owen-Hobbs

Echo – Helen Goldwyn

Lethe – Daniele Coombe

Apollo – Steve Elias

Mars – Chris Jarman

Bacchus – Dean Hussain

Janus – Andrew Spillett

Morpheus – Ahmet Ahmet

Poseidon – George Couyas


On Earth

Helen Vance – Fiona Dunn

Harry – George Couyas

Isadora St John – Darlene Johnson

Art O’Malley – Simon Greiff

Chloe – Clare Foster

Leda – Daniele Coombe

Anthea – Alexis Owen-Hobbs

Marika – Helen Goldwyn

Strephon – Andrew Spillett

Six Local Boys – Ahmet Ahmet   George Couyas   Steve Elias

Dean Hussain   Chris Jarman   Andrew Spillett
The Orchestra

Flute/Clarinet/Alto Sax – Richard Wimpenny

Flute/Clarinet/Tenor Sax – Tony McCormick

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax – Mark Lacey

Trumpets – Fraser Tannock   Alex Jagger

Trombone – Robert Workman

Violin – Megan Pound

Keyboards – Louise Hunt   Dan Jackson

Double Bass – Ed Morris

Kit/Percussion – Jim Fleeman

Orchestral Managers – Mark Lacey   Mark Taylor


Director – Martin Duncan

Designer – Francis O’Connor

Choreographer – Vanessa Gray

Musical Director & Musical Arranger – Richard Balcombe

Lighting Designer – Peter Mumford

Sound Designer – Ken Hampton

Assistant Director – Phillip Breen

Assistant Designer – Gary Underwood

Assistant Musical Director – Dan Jackson

Costume Supervisor – Brigid Guy

Dance Captain – Steve Elias


Company Manager – Amelia Ferrand-Rook

Stage Manager – Paul Grist

Deputy Stage Manager – Lou Bann

Assistant Stage Managers – Charlotte A Harley, Jessica Morris

Prop Buyer – Gabrielle Bridges


April: Thu 29P, Fri 30P

May: Thu 13Pm&Pe(S), Fri 14P(PT/D), Sat 15Pm, Wed 19P, Thu 20Fm, Sat 22m&e,

Fri 28(D/T), Sat 29m&e

June: Thu 3m&e, Fri 4(D), Mon 21, Tue 22, Fri 25(D), Sat 26m(D)&e

July: Fri 2(D), Sat 3m&e, Fri 16(D), Sat 17m&e

August: Sun 1, Thu 5m(D)&e, Fri 6, Wed 11m&e, Sat 14m, Tue 17, Fri 20(D), Wed 25m&e,

Sat 28e

September: Wed 8, Thu 9m&e, Fri 10(D), Mon 13, Tue 14, Wed 15, Thu 16e, Sat 18e, Mon 20, Wed 22e,

Thu 23e, Sat 25L


P = Preview

F = First Night

PN = Press Night

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

PT = Pre Show Talk

T = Post Show Discussion

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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