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CAST in order of appearance

Fainall, in love with Mrs Marwood – Richard Clothier

Mirabell, in love with Mrs Millamant – Jo Stone-Fewings

Betty, Waiting-Maid at a Chocolate House – Lotte Rice

Footman/Coachman – Joshua Miles

Messenger/Footman – Salvatore D’Aquilla

Witwoud, follower of Mrs Millamant – Giles Taylor

Petulant, follower of Mrs Millamant – Christopher Logan

Mrs Fainall, daughter to Lady Wishfort, and wife to Mr Fainall – Rebecca Johnson

Mrs Marwood, friend to Mr Fainall – Hermione Gulliford

Mrs Millamant, a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves Mirabell – Claire Price

Mincing, Woman to Mrs Millamant – Lotte Rice

Waitwell, Servant to Mirabell – Robin Pearce

Foible, Woman to Lady Wishfort – Jenna Augen

Lady Wishfort, enemy to Mirabell for having falsely pretended to love her – Penelope Keith

Peg, Maid to Lady Wishfort – Victoria Lennox

Sir Wilfull Witwoud, half-brother to Witwoud, and nephew to Lady Wishfort – Jeremy Swift

Violinist – Jonathan Truscott

All other parts played by members of the Company


Director – Rachel Kavanaugh

Designer – Paul Farnsworth

Lighting Designer – Howard Harrison

Composer – Terry Davies

Movement Director – Stuart Hopps

Sound Designer – Matt McKenzie

Casting Director – Joyce Nettles

Associate Director – Kim Pearce

Costume Supervisor – Karen Large

Props Supervisor – Sian Willis

Wigs Supervisor – Sally Tynan

Dialect Coach – Charmian Hoare

Assistant Costume Supervisor – Justin Allin

Production Manager – Paul Hennessy

Company Stage Manager – Pip Horobin

Deputy Stage Manager – Gabrielle Sanders

Assistant Stage Manager – Claire Auvache


April: Fri 13UCP, Sat 14UCP, Mon 16UCP(PT), Tue 17P, Wed 18P, Thu 19, Fri 20PN,

Sat 21m&e, Mon 23, Tue 24, Wed 25m&e(S), Thu 26, Fri 27(D), Sat 28m(D)&e

May: Tue 1m&e, Wed 2, Thu 3m&e, Fri 4(T), Sat 5m(C)&LP

UCP = University of Chichester Preview

P = Preview

PN = Press Night

m = mat

e = eve

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

C = Stagetext Captioned Performance

LP = Last Performance


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