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Alderman Boocock – Dudley Foster

Mrs Boocock – Fay Compton

Alderman Butterthwaite – Frank Finlay

Hopefast – Peter Russell

Hardnutt – Harry Lomax

Hickleton – Peter O’Shaughnessy


Alderman Sir Harold Sweetman – Martin Boddey

Lady Sweetman – Alison Leggatt

Maurice Sweetman – Jeremy Brett

FJ – Peter Cellier


Colonel Fen – Anthony Nicholls

Superintendent Wiper – Robert Stephens

Sergeant Lumber – Robert Lang

PC Liversedge – Derek Jacobi

PC Leftwich – Keith Marsh

Two Policemen – Raymond Clarke   Terence Knapp


Dr Wellington Blomax – Norman Rossington

Wellesley – Mary Miller

Gloria – Marion Mathie

Stone Masons – Michael Rothwell   Michael Turner

Guests at the Sweetmans – Raymond Clarke   Rowena Cooper  Marika Mann   Jean Rogers

Maid at the Sweetmans – Louise Purnell

Landlord of Victoria & Albert – Dan Meaden

Barmaid – Elizabeth Burger

Assistant Bar Boy – John Rogers

Drinkers – Reginald Greene   Terence Knapp  Michael Rothwell   Michael Turner

Nurse – Rowena Cooper

Doorman – Terence Knapp

Hostess – Irene Sutcliffe

Bunnies – Rowena Cooper

Dancers – Elizabeth Burger   Rowena Cooper   Jeanne Hepple  Louise Purnell   Elizabeth Rogers   Michael Rothwell

Specality Numbers – Jeannette Landis

Journalists – Richard Hampton   Michael Rothwell   Michael Turner

Park Attendant – Reginald Greene

Lovers – Louise Purnell   John Rogers

Waitress in a Tea Shop – Elizabeth Burger

Demonstrators – Elizabeth Burger   Renginald Greene   Jeanne Hepple   Jeannette Landis   Michael Rothwell

Director – Stuart Burge

Designer – Roger Furse

Music – John Addison

Lighting – Richard Pilbrow

Dance – Eleanor Fazan

Musical Director – Michael Moores


Stage Manager – Diana Boddington

Deputy Stage Manager – Terence Banks

Assistant Stage Managers – Louisa Browne, Byron Chandler, Mervyn Willis


July: Mon 8F, Tue 9, Wed 10, Thu 11m&e, Tue 16, Thu 18m, Sat 20m, Wed 24m, .. Thu 25e, Sat 27e,

Mon 29, Wed 31e

August: Fri 2, Tue 6, Thu 8m, Sat 10m, Wed 14m, Thu 15e, Sat 17e, Mon 19, Wed 21e, Fri 23, Thu 29m,

Sat 31mL


F = First Night

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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