Memory: Paul Rogerson (Theatre Manager)

Photograph exterior - Vanessa Lees, Paul Rogerson - Photographer Tim Andrews - 1973 - T Andrews collection

The longest ever serving, yes serving, Managing Director who started as Theatre Manager and Concert and Events Organizer and later also took over as Licensee, and managed to keep the theatre going throughout the winter seasons for many years thanks to his connections with the London Music Worlds. Without his input at that time, mid-sixties, the theatre would have been financially unsustainable and an early demise was being predicted. He was the first to bring the Moscow City Ballet, Chris Barber, Rostropovich, David Oistrach, Jaques Loussier and the London Philharmonic Orchestra to Chichester, among many other world class acts. And he kept in touch with them; and that also applies to the many actors and playwrights he cared for personally. But then, Paul knew and cared for every one involved in the theatre, even to the occasional ice cream seller, knew their personal histories, their worries and those of their families.

From: Anon

Other comments: Paul held the whole belly (under belly?) of the theatre together, and when he left after 36 years, everybody was in tears, and an era had come to an end. His modesty and humility, and his deep love for the theatre and all its people ought to be recognized.