Listen again :The Legacy of Conflict

Listen again to a panel of experts discuss the ongoing cultural impact of the Great War through W. Somerset Maugham's For Services Rendered.

The Legacy of Conflict – The ongoing aftermath of the Great War

100 years after the end of hostilities, the legacy of the First World War is still a divisive subject.

For Services Rendered is one of W. Somerset Maugham’s greatest plays. Written in 1932 it confronts with style and honesty the unspoken consequences of war, loss and trauma on one ordinary English family

Drawing on the expertise held at the University of Chichester, this discussion brings together Dr Ross Wilson, a Senior Lecturer in the History department at the University of Chichester and author of Cultural Heritage of the Great War in Britain (published in 2013), and Miles Leeson, a Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Chichester and a specialist on modern English writers, including W. Somerset Maugham. The panel was chaired by author and Chichester Festival Theatre biographer Kate Moss.

Recorded in the Minerva Theatre on Friday 4 September.

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