News:Volunteer Achievements

Find out what our amazing volunteers have been up to and how to get involved.
Volunteer Fay Wilson gives a tour of the Festival Theatre
Volunteer Fay Wilson gives a tour of the Festival Theatre

As of October 2015, Pass It On volunteers have achieved the following since the beginning of the project:


  • Sorted over 550 archive and memorabilia boxes; listing over 2,000 items in our archive at West Sussex Record Office
  • Listed and summarised 4,547 press cuttings from the early 1960s & 70s
  • Listed over 200 old production and marketing posters and photographed over 150 of these
  • Listed over 200 items of memorabilia
  • Listed over 2,875 items of print
  • Organised over 25 boxes worth of duplicate programmes and print to be used for educational activities


  • Scanned over 6, 000 images and edited over 5,000 files in Photoshop as part of our archive digitisation work
  • Listed over 1,000 items on our digital archive
  • Assisted with the organisation of digital archive including creating over 100 folders of content
  • Have begun creating contents pages for scrapbooks collected by the Theatre’s founder, with 200 pages included so far

Oral History:

  • Trained 45 volunteers in interviewing, transcribing and summarising
  • Collected 47 oral history interviews and 74 audio memories from members of the public
  • Transcribed 43 full oral history interviews, 25 audio memories and summarised 34 oral history interviews


  • Curated and designed a touring exhibition with over 80 items of archive and memorabilia content, reaching over 40,000 people across West Sussex and Hampshire
  • Researched, written and 16 public/staff tours of the Theatre’s construction site for 328 people
  • Led 18 and assisted with 31 architectural tours of the Festival Theatre to over 1,000 people
  • Performed in 7 short plays exploring CFT’s heritage to over 300 members of the public
  • Assisted with workshops on our Theatre Open Day attracting over 4,000 visitors
  • Assisted with family friendly activities such as our ‘Searching for Spershott’ event in partnership with Chichester Library and The Novium


  • Researched and written 27 blog posts and 15 static pages for the Pass It On website
  • Uploaded 40 oral history clips to our website
  • Uploaded  over 150 items onto our online digital archive

As we are reaching the final stages of the project (which ends in January 2016), we are unfortunately no longer taking on new volunteers. However, we would love to hear from you if volunteering at the Theatre is something you would be interested in. All names and details will be recorded and stored for when more general volunteering opportunities arise in the coming months.

Alternatively, if you want share your skills with us or just find out more about the project then please email us at [email protected].