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1962 opening night thumbnail
Footage, Opening night (1962)

Featuring Chichester Festival Theatre’s opening night

Photograph The Chances rehearsal - Laurence Olivier, John Neville, Keith Michell - 1962 - CFT WSRO
Rehearsal photograph, The Chances (1962)

Featuring Laurence Olivier, John Neville and Keith Michell

Brochure First Season - 01 of 37 - 1962 - Memorabilia Collection - H28xW22cm
Souvenir programme (1962)

Including in-depth articles by Laurence Olivier and Leslie Evershed-Martin

Photograph Auditorium and stage construction - Photographer Charles Howard - 02 Apr 1962 - Box 71 CFT WSRO - H16.2xW20.5cm 1 of 2
Photograph, construction of Festival Theatre auditorium (1962)

Interior view showing the construction of the stage

Production photograph - The Broken Heart - Joan Greenwood - Photographer Angus Bean - 1962 - H20xW25cm
Production photograph, The Broken Heart (1962)

Featuring members of the cast including John Neville as Orgilus and Joan Greenwood as Calantha

Press cutting Choosing Clothes - Publication unknown - 1962 - LEM Scrapbook Collection low res
Press cutting: Choosing clothes that won’t clash … (1962)

Choosing clothes that won’t clash with Chichester Festival Theatre

CFT in snow 1962
Photograph, Festival Theatre (1962)

External view of Chichester Festival Theatre in the snow

Photograph Auditorium construction - Photographer Charles Howard - 01 May 1962 - Box 71 CFT WSRO H16.5xW21.2cm - 1 of 2
Photograph, construction of Festival Theatre auditorium (1962)

Interior view showing the stage nearing completion

Front cover 1962 (1)
Founder’s Scrapbook (1962) 1 of 2

Leslie Evershed-Martin’s collection of press cuttings, invitations, telegrams and letters

Photograph Costume Department at the Unicorn - Photographer unknown - 1960s - Box 70 H18.6xW18.6 cm
Photograph, wardrobe (1962)

Costume making during the early years of the theatre

Photograph Interior Foyer - Photographer unknown - Date unknown - Box 71 CFT WSRO - H21xW16cm
Photograph, completed Festival Theatre foyer (1962)

Interior view showing the finished foyer

Programme - The Broken Heart - 1962 - 1 of 8
Programme, The Chances (1962)

Listing cast and production team and show dates