Digital Archive:Cast list, Antony & Cleopatra (2012)

Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams

Co-produced with Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse





Cleopatra – Kim Cattrall

Mark Antony – Michael Pennington

Enobarbus – Ian Hogg

Octavius Caesar – Martin Hutson

Octavia – Ruth Everett

Lepidus/Canidius – Martin Herdman

Charmian – Aïcha Kossoko

Iras = Pepter Lunkuse

Messenger/Snake Man/Soldier – Terry Doe

Mardian/Soldier – Offue Okegbe

Soothsayer Harmage – Singh Kalirai

Alexas/Soldier – Cornelius Macarthy

Eros – Mark Sutherland

Philo – Simon Hepworth

Varrius/Scarus/Guard – Chris Garner

Proculeius/Soldier – Jack Bannell

Agrippa – Mark Gillis

Pompey/Thidias – Oliver Hoare

Dolabella/Soldier – Barnaby Sax

Menas/Soldier – Ken Shorter


Director – Janet Suzman

Designer – Peter McKintosh

Lighting Designer – Paul Pyant

Music – Corin Buckeridge

Sound Designer – Sebastian Frost

Casting Director – Siobhan Bracke

Assistant Director – Anna Orford

Fight Director – Terry King

Costume Supervisor – Mary Charlton

Props Supervisor – Lisa Buckley

Wigs Supervisor – Linda McKnight

Voice Coach – Barbara Houseman

Design Assistants – David Harris, Simon Wells


Production Manager – Paul Hennessy

Company Manager – Robin Longley

Deputy Stage Manager – Judith Barrow

Assistant Stage Managers – Lou Ballard, Tilly Stokes


September: Fri 7UCP, Sat 8UCP, Mon 10UCP, Tue 11P, Wed 12P, Thu 13, Fri 14PN, Sat 15m&e(PT),

Mon 17, Tue 18(T), Wed 19m&e, Thu 20, Fri 21(D), Sat 22m(D)&e, Mon 24, Tue 25,

Wed 26, Thu 27m&e(S), Fri 28, Sat 29m(C)&LP


UCP = University of Chichester Preview

P = Preview

PN = Press Night

PT = Pre Show Talk

T = Post Show Discussion ‘After Words’

m = mat

e = eve

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

C = Stagetext Captioned Performance

LP = Last Performance


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