Digital Archive:Cast List, Just So (2004)

Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams


music by GEORGE STILES (1990 revised 2001)

book & lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE

inspired by the stories of Rudyard Kipling (1902)


Cast in Order of Appearance

Eldest Magician – Junix Inocian

Elephant’s Child – Richard Dempsey

Kolokolo Bird – Julie Atherton

Parsee – Ahmet Ahmet

Stove – Steve Elias

Rhino – Nicolas Colicos

Giraffe – Alexis Owen-Hobbs

Zebra – Akiya Henry

Jaguar – Dean Hussain

Leopard – Simon Greiff

Wildebeest – Helen Goldwyn

Kangaroo – Andrew Spillett

Dingo – Daniele Coombe

Adult Elephants/Cooking Ingredients/Boring Wildebeest/

Wannabe Wallabys/Crab Appendanges – The Company

The Orchestra

Piccolo/Flute/Alto Sax – Richard Wimpenny

Clarinet/Soprano Sax/Tenor Sax – Tony McCormick

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax – Melanie Henry

Horn – Kevin Henry

Guitar – Ben Grove

Double Bass/Bass Guitar – Ed Morris

Kit/Percussion – Jim Fleeman

Percussion – Mark Taylor

Keyboards – Tom Deering   Louise Hunt

Orchestral Managers – Mark Lacey   Mark Taylor

Synthesizer Programming – Stuart Andrews


Director – Anthony Drewe

Designer – Peter McKintosh

Choreographer – Stephen Mear

Musical Director & Additional Orchestration – David Shrubsole

Orchestrations – Christopher Jahnke

Associate Orchestrator – John Clancy

Lighting Designer – Jeff Croiter

Sound Designer – Paul Arditti

Assistant Director – Nik Ashton

Assistant Designer – David Farley

Costume Supervisor – Emma Marshall

Assistant Costume Supervisor – Charles Hanrahan

Dance Captain – Steve Elias


Company Manager – Amelia Ferrand-Rook

Stage Manager – Paul Grist

Deputy Stage Manager – Lou Bann

Assistant Stage Managers – Charlotte A Harley, Jessica Morris


June: Fri 11P, Sat 12P, Mon 14P, Tue 15P, Wed 16Pm&Pe(PT), Thu 17 Pm&F, Fri 18(D),

Wed 23m&e(T), Thu 24m&e(S)

July: Thu 1m&e, Tue 6e, Wed 7m(PT)&e, Thu 8m&e, Fri 9, Sat 10m&e, Mon 12, Tue 13,

Wed 14e, Thu 15e, Sat 31m(D)

August: Wed 4m, Sat 7m, Thu 12m, Sun 15, Thu 19m, Sat 21e, Sun 29

September: Thu 2m&e, Sat 4m(D), Sat 11m, Sat 25Lm(D)

P = Preview

F = First Night

PN = Press Night

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

PT = Pre Show Talk

T = Post Show Discussion

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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