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Cast List - Nicholas Nickleby - Parts I & II- 2006 - 3 of 4 Cast List - Nicholas Nickleby - Parts I & II- 2006 - 4 of 4














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Adapted for the stage in two parts by DAVID EDGAR



Nicholas Nickleby – Daniel Weyman

Kate, his sister – Hannah Yelland

Mrs Nickleby, their mother – Susan Jameson

Ralph Nickleby, their uncle – Leigh Lawson


Sir Matthew Pupker, a politician – Brian Poyser

Newman Noggs, clerk to Ralph Nickleby – John Ramm

Miss La Creevy, a painter in miniature – Dilys Laye

Hannah, her maid – Emma Manton

William, a waiter at the Saracen’s Head – Ian Ashpitel

Mr Wackford Squeers, a schoolmaster – Pip Donaghy

Mr Snawley – Bernard Lloyd

Snawley Senior, his son – Alex McIntosh

Snawley Junior, his son – Robert Hastie

Belling, a boy – Christopher Logan


Smike – David Dawson

Mrs Squeers – Veronica Roberts

Fanny Squeers, her daughter – Zoe Waites

Young Wackford, her son – Steven Alvey

Phib, their maid – Philippa Stanton

Cobbey, a boy – Simon Roberts

Coates, a boy – Abigail McKern

Bolder, a boy – Stephanie Jacob

Jennings, a boy – Hannah Yelland

Mobbs, a boy – Philippa Stanton

Jackson, a boy – Ian Ashpitel

Tilda Price, Fanny’s friend – Emma Manton

John Browdie, her beau – Bob Barrett

Brooker, a ragged man – Simon Roberts




Madame Mantalini, a dressmaker – Stephanie Jacob

Mr Mantalini – Simon Roberts

Miss Knag – Abigail McKern

A Rich Lady – Veronica Roberts

Her Daughter – Emma Manton

An Old Lord – Brian Poyser

His Fiancee – Philippa Stanton


A Landlord – Brian Poyser

Mr Vincent Crummles, an Actor-Manager – Bernard Lloyd

Mrs Crummles, his wife – Veronica Roberts

Master Crummles, his son – Ian Ashpitel

Master P Crummles, his son – Alex McIntosh

Miss Ninetta Crummles, the Infant Phenomenon, his daughter – Philippa Stanton


Mr Folair – Simon Roberts

Mr Lenville – Robert Hastie

Mrs Lenville – Abigail McKern

Miss Snevellicci – Zoe Waites

Miss Ledrook – Stephanie Jacob

Miss Belvawney – Emma Manton

Miss Bravassa – Hannah Yelland

Mr Bane – Christopher Logan

Mr Wagstaff – Pip Donaghy

Mr Fluggers – Brian Poyser

Mr Hetherington – Bob Barrett

Mr Pailey – Steven Alvey

Mrs Grudden, their stage manager – Dilys Laye


Mr Scaley, Bailiff – Robert Hastie

Mr Tix, Bailiff – Christopher Logan


Mr Curdle – Ian Ashpitel

Mrs Curdle – Susan Jameson


Sir Mulberry Hawk – Pip Donaghy

Lord Frederick Verisopht – Bob Barrett

Mr Pluck – Ian Ashpitel

Mr Pyke – Alex McIntosh

The Hon Mr Snobb – Robert Hastie

Colonel Chowser – Simon Roberts

Mrs Wititterly – Abigail McKern

Mr Wititterly – Robert Hastie

Alphonse, their footman – Christopher Logan

Opera Singers – Bernard Lloyd   Emma Manton   Philippa Stanton


Mr Snevellicci – Brian Poyser

Mrs Snevellicci – Susan Jameson


Walter, Coffee House staff – Brian Poyser

Wanda, Coffee House staff – Stephanie Jacob

Wilbur, Coffee House staff – Christopher Logan

Mr Charles Cheeryble – Ian Ashpitel

Mr Ned Cheeryble – Steven Alvey

Tim Linkinwater, their clerk – Brian Poyser

An annry fellow – Christopher Logan

Madeline Bray – Zoe Waites

Walter Bray, her father – Brian Poyser

Arthur Gride, a miser – Bernard Lloyd

Peg Sliderskew, his housekeeper – Dilys Laye

The proprietor of a gambling house – Robert Hastie

A Croupier – David Dawson

Handsaw, a gambler – John Ramm

A Minister – Simon Roberts

Police Officers – Bob Barrett   Steven Alvey

A Messenger – Christopher Logan

A Young Woman – Philippa Stanton

Mrs Snawley – Veronica Roberts


Directors – Jonathan Church & Philip Franks

Designer – Simon Higlett

Lighting Designer – Mark Jonathan

Orchestrations and Additional Music – Matthew Scott

Movement Director – Shona Morris

Sound Designer – Nick Lidster

Music Director – Jonathan Williams

Casting Director – Siobhan Bracke

Costume Supervisor – Christopher Porter

Music Associate – Lyndsay Barnbrook

Assistant to the Lighting Designer – James A Smith


Production Manager – Dan Watkins

Company Manager – Di Holt

Stage Manager – Pin Dix

Deputy Stage Manager – Judith Barrow

Assistant Stage Managers – Helen King, Sue O’Brien, James Woods



Part I

June: Sat 24KP, Mon 26KP, Tue 27KP, Wed 28P

July: Mon 3P, Wed 12mP(D), Sat 15mP(D), Tue 18P, Wed 19P, Thu 20mF, Fri 21(D), Mon 31

August: Fri 4(D), Sat 5e, Wed 9m(D), Thu 10e(S), Thu 17(T), Sat 19m(D), Wed 23m, Thu 24e,

Fri 25(D), Wed 30m

September: Sat 2mL


Part II

July: Sat 8KP, Mon 10KP, Tue 11KP, Wed 12eP, Fri 14P(D), Sat 15eP, Wed 19P, Thu 20eF

August: Tue 1, Sat 5m(D), Wed 9e, Thu 10m, Fri 11(D), Fri 18(D), Sat 19e(S), Wed 23e,

Thu 24m(D), Wed 30e

September: Sat 2eL


KP = Kenwood Preview

P = Preview

F = First Night

PN = Press Night

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

T = Post Show Discussion

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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