Memory: Enron (2009)

Enron-235 crop

1. My most memorable show would be Enron. I planned to come, I booked tickets and they sent me a letter saying, “we’ve changed the script and it’s got ruder.” And I thought “well, I’ll go.” And I was blown away by it, it was fantastic. So I’d gone in, not thinking I was gonna- cos I don’t like expletives. But it was such a good play, it was fabulous.

From: Julie C

2. Fantastic cast and well produced play and my daughter played the daughter in it!

From: Andrew Whitwell

3. I was persuaded to go to the opening night of Enron in the Minerva Theatre by a friend. The idea of a musical about the collapse of a US energy company did not fill me with anticipation, but I am so grateful for my friend’s insistence. From the opening scene, I sat open-mouthed in wonder. It was clever, funny, inventive, irreverent and down-right dirty, and I went on to see it again several times, both in the West End and then on its return to Chichester. It has stayed vividly in my memory ever since.

From: Sarah Mayhead

4. Fantastic production with a brilliant cast.

From: Paula Solieri