Digital Archive:Cast list, Hadrian VII (1995)

Listing show dates and detailing cast, creative and production teams



Based on Hadrian the Seventh and other works by Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo)


Fr William Rolfe – Derek Jacobi

Mrs Crowe – Rosemary Martin

First Bailiff – James Maxwell

Second Bailiff – Joseph O’Conor

Agnes Helena – McCarthy

Dr Talacryn – James Maxwell

Dr Courtleigh – Joseph O’Conor

Jeremiah Sant – Wesley Murphy

The Cardinal-Archdeacon – Patrick Marley

Father St Albans – Michael Malnick

Cardinal Bernstein – Malcolm Mudie

Cardinal Ragna – John Savident

Rector of St Andrew’s College – Philip Anthony

George Arthur Rose – Paul Connolly

Cardinals – Tom Durham, Maurice Kaufmann

Seminarists/Acolytes – Russell Byrne, William Mickleburgh, Edmond Saunders

Other parts played by Cavalcaders Jimmy Clark, Eric Seabrook, Michael Thomas, Roland White


Director – Terry Hands

Designer – Mark Bailey

Music – Ian Kellam

Lighting – Terry Hands

Lighting Assistant – Gary Spraggett

Sound – Tom Lishman

Assistant Director – David Hunt


Company Manager – David Bownes

Stage Manager – Hilary Groves

Deputy Stage Manager – Sally Palmer

Assistant Stage Managers – Lauren Manson, Christopher Lake



Fr William Rolfe – Patrick Marley

Mrs Crowe/Agnes – Corinna Marlowe

Dr Talacryn/First Bailiff – Malcolm Mudie

Dr Courtleigh/Second Bailiff – Maurice Kaufmann

Jeremiah Sant/Cardinal Ragna – Philip Anthony

The Cardinal-Archdeacon/Father St Albans/

Cardinal Bernstein/Rector of St Andrew’s College – Tom Durham

George Arthur Rose – Russell Byrne

Cardinals – William Mickleburgh


April: Wed 26P, Thu 27Pm&e, Fri 28P, Sat 29Pm&e

May: Mon 8P, Tue 9F/PN, Fri 12(D), Sat 13m&e, Mon 15, Thu 18m(D)&e, Fri 19(D),

Sat 20m(S), Tue 23, Wed 24, Thu 25m, Sat 27e, Mon 29

June: Thu 1e, Fri 2(D), Sat 3m, Tue 6, Wed 7, Thu 8m, Sat 10e, Mon 12, Thu 15e, Fri 16(D),

Sat 17m(D), Tue 20, Thu 22e, Fri 23 (D), Sat 24e, Mon 26, Tue 27, Wed 28, Thu 29m&L


P = Preview

F = First Night

PN = Press Night

D = Audio Described Performance

S = Sign Interpreted Performance

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night


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