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Cast in order of speaking

Clara Eynsford Hill – Candida Benson

Mrs Eynsford Hill – Marty Cruickshank

Freddy Eynsford Hill – Peter Sandys-Clarke

Eliza Doolittle – Honeysuckle Weeks

Coonel Pickering – Peter Eyre

Henry Higgins – Rupert Everett

Mrs Pearce – Susie Blake

Alfred Doolitttle – Phil Davis

Mrs Higgins – Stephanie Cole

Porters/Bystanders/Parlourmaids – Rebecca Birch, Freya Dominic, Brendan Hooper, Tristram Wymark

Director/Designer – Philip Prowse

Lighting Designer – Gerry Jenkinson

Casting Director – Gabrielle Dawes CDG

Assistant Director – Tim Hoare

Costume Supervisor – Jane Hamilton

Wigs Supervisor – Danuta Barszczewsk

Props Supervisor – Chris Marcus & Jonathan Hall for Marcus Hall Props

Production Manager – Dan Watkins

Company & Stage Manager – Maggie Mackay

Deputy Stage Manager – Anne Baxter

Assistant Stage Managers – Janine Bardsley, Claire Rundle



Eliza Doolittle – Rebecca Birch

Mrs Higgins/Mrs Eynsford Hill/Mrs Pearce – Freya Dominic

Henry Higgins – Tristram Wymark


July: Fri 9SP, Sat 10SP, Mon 12SP, Tue 13P, Wed 14P, Thu 15(T), Fri 16, Sat 17m&e,

Mon 19PN, Thu 29m&e, Sat 31m(D)&e

Aug: Wed 4m(D)&e, Thu 5, Fri 6, Mon 9, Tue 10, Sat 14m&e, Mon 16, Tue 17, Sat 21m&e,

Wed 25m&e(S), Fri 27m&L(D)


SP = Spirit FM Preview

P = Preview

PN = Press Night

T = Post Show Discussion (After Words)

m = mat

e = eve

L = Last Performance

Archive: Oral history clip, Chris Larkin (2014)

Actor Chris Larkin remissness on working on sound in the Chichester Festival Theater Tent circa 1985

Chris Larkin by Rachael Beaves and Daisy Mouatt 07 May 2014, CFT digital archive. Email for access to the full oral history interview.