Memory: Nicholas Nickleby (2006)

nicholas nickleby 2006

1. …the one that I carry around in my heart is the production called Nicholas Nickleby. It was a very large ensemble show and it took place over two evenings as it’s so long. It was in the very first year that I came here and so it was a huge great risk to do it, but it worked and the audiences loved it and clambered to see it. It went from playing to two hundred people a night in the first week that it opened, to being completely full with twelve hundred people within the period of the eight weeks it was playing on the stage. So it was-it was thrilling for many reasons because it was a big risk to do. It was a brilliant show and so one that I remember very fondly.

From: Alan F

2. It captured all the richness of the novel and was a brave and epic production. I came twice, and ached with laughter and was moved to tears on both occasions. Hats off to Philip Franks!

From: Anon