Chichester Festival TheatreYour Memories (continued)

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Memory: Nathan The Wise (2003)


A completely compelling piece of theatre. Superbly acted across the entire cast.

From: Jill Martin

Memory: Master and Margarita (2004)


An outstanding new adaptation by a local playwright of the book of the same name, superbly directed and acted.

From: John Wilton

Memory: Margaret Leighton

margaret leighton

She was not obvious casting as the serpent of old Nile. She was beginning the battle with debilitating illness that would kill her within a few years, when only in her 50’s. But in Peter Dews’ production of Antony and Cleopatra, with John Clements as Antony, Margaret Leighton made Cleopatra her own. Her performance was indeed one of ‘infinite variety’: glamorous, haughty, sensuous, witty, ferocious, fickle, passionate, always mesmerically watchable, and in her final moments, unbearably moving.

From: Laurie Slade

Memory: Leslie Evershed-Martin (Theatre Founder)

EDITED Photo Leslie Outside Theatre Box 69 H16.5xW21.7cm_001_edited-1

Without him none of us would be here – the Theatre was all a result of this man’s vision and dream.

From: Anon