Memory: Lovesong (2011)

My favourite memory of CFT would be seeing Frantic Assembly’s ‘Lovesong’ the first play to show me how effectively theatre could influence people’s emotions.

From: Alex Wilcox

Other comments: Chichester Festival Theatre was the first theatre I had any exposure to. Living only a few miles away, in Southbourne, it has been a great boon growing up being interested in theatre.

Memory: Milton Jones (Comedian)

Comedy Festival – Milton Jones was very entertaining.

From: Anon


Memory: Blood Brothers (1987)


This was the version of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers with Con O’Neill and Kiki Dee.

At the end there was a few seconds of complete silence followed by everyone standing up and applauding. It was a special moment following two very outstanding performances.

From: Ralph Ansley

Other comments: It was the show that made me see shows I did not now much about.