Memory: Late 60’s and 70’s Memories

Photograph Exterior CFT with car - Photographer English Heritage - Date unknown

My parents brought me and my two sisters to the Festival Theatre regularly in the late sixties and through the seventies.  We felt the height of sophistication  – we wore long dresses in those days! – and loved it every time.  We got to see some wonderful productions, and marvellous actors – Keith Michell as Cyrano de Bergerac, Joan Plowright, Joanna McCallum, Alastair Sim and Patricia Routledge in Dandy Dick, Dorothy Tutin, Derek Jacobi and Timothy West in A Month in the Country, Alec Guinness as Shylock in the The Merchant of Venice – and so many more I can barely remember!  It nurtured in all of us a love of theatre which continues to this day. We were very lucky – happy memories!

From: Nicky Hyde


Memory: Uncle Vanya (1996)

Trevor Eve & Derek Jacobi1. A superb production, brilliant cast, excellent design, and first-rate translation.

From: Elizabeth Adams

2. Derek Jacobi and Trevor Eve in ‘Uncle Vanya’, I felt I was sitting in the Drawing room with them. It was the first time I had seen a Chekhov play and it was so well acted that it has made me watch more, but nothing as enthralling as this production.

From: Ralph Ansley