Memory: Summer Memories

Attending so many marvellous productions and performances by famous actors!

It used to be quite an event during the summer – evening dress – opening the door to the ladies loo for famous actresses in all their exoticness, having famous people sitting on the next table in the restaurant. So many memories over the last 40 years.

From: Anon

Memory: Patricia Routledge (actor)


She has always lent her support to the Theatre and the Youth Theatre.

From: Anon

Memory: Henry Goodman (Actor)

henry goodman

1. A riveting performance with the most spine-tingling ending of any play.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, 2012

From: Anne Barry

2. Henry Goodman was incredible, he was Arturo Ui in every aspect of his being but particularly his physical portrayal. A truly outstanding performance which made you laugh and feel shocked in equal measure.

From: Jill Martin

Memory: Kathleen Turner (Actor)

Kathleen Turner 2

Having Kathleen Turner (my fav actress) appear in Tallulah at CFT, has to be a great moment.

From: Sarah Smithers via Twitter

Tallulah was performed in the Minerva Theatre in 1997