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Memory: Kathleen Turner (Actor)

Kathleen Turner 2

Having Kathleen Turner (my fav actress) appear in Tallulah at CFT, has to be a great moment.

From: Sarah Smithers via Twitter

Tallulah was performed in the Minerva Theatre in 1997

Memory: Jonathan Church and Alan Finch (Artistic and Executive Directors 2006 – 2016)

director 12 Finch

Together they’ve made a huge impact on Chichester, for example they got RENEW off the ground and such a renovation project has been needed for a long time. This was all down to them. They seem to have a Midas Touch when it comes to knowing what Chichester wants.

From: Anon

Memory: John Gale OBE (Artistic Director 1985-1989)

johngaleobe He came in and saved the Theatre at a really difficult time for Chichester. Gale turned around the financial difficulties and kept us all employed.

From: Anon

Memory: Jacqui Hepworth (Supporter)

She always helps out with youth theatre productions as well as serving on a fund raising committee for the Stephen Pimlott Building and Renew. She attends all the plays.

From: Anon