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Memory: Blood Brothers (1987)


This was the version of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers with Con O’Neill and Kiki Dee.

At the end there was a few seconds of complete silence followed by everyone standing up and applauding. It was a special moment following two very outstanding performances.

From: Ralph Ansley

Other comments: It was the show that made me see shows I did not now much about.

Memory: Barnum (2013)


  1. Blazing sunshine, a tent in the park and a pitch-perfect production of a criminally underrated musical. What more could you want from a summer’s evening?

From: Matt Merritt

2. Barnum was terrific

From: Anon

Memory: A Little Night Music (1989)


Subtle, ethereal, funny – just a lovely delicate production. Dorothy Tutin and the entire cast were magnificent and this sparked a love of Sondheim ever since!

From: Helen Chown

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