Chichester Festival TheatreYour Memories (continued)

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Memory: Cavalcade (1985)

Press cutting photograph - Cavalcade - 1985 - R Ansley CollectionOur younger son took part and we’re still owners (proud owners!) of a “Cavalcader” badge with Minerva’s head on it.

From: Annette Barker

Memory: Chichester Festival Theatre

Postcard Exterior CFT - Photographer unknown - Date unknown - Box 71 CFT WSRO - H9x W14cmI came to this theatre for the first time in 1964 when I was 20. I quite fell in love with it and the Chichester area and have visited many times for all types of productions. Certainly my favourite theatre outside London.

From: Alice Child

Memory: Lovesong (2011)

My favourite memory of CFT would be seeing Frantic Assembly’s ‘Lovesong’ the first play to show me how effectively theatre could influence people’s emotions.

From: Alex Wilcox

Other comments: Chichester Festival Theatre was the first theatre I had any exposure to. Living only a few miles away, in Southbourne, it has been a great boon growing up being interested in theatre.

Memory: Theatre In The Park (2013)

IMG_7482 Theatre in the Park 15 July 2013. Photo by Freya Scott

The visit to the “tent” during the refurbishment. Memorable views of the night-time floodlighting

From: Anon