Chichester Festival TheatreYour Memories (continued)

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Memory: The Visit (1995)

Signed Programme - The Visit, Ralph Ansley - 1995 - R.Ansley Collection - H24.8cm W17.4cm - 01 of 15

Travelled from London (where I then lived) to see Lauren Bacall on stage (with Joss Ackland in ‘The Visit’). Superb performance by a legendary actress, supported by a terrific cast and memorable staging which included a railway track (and miniature train).

From: Anon

Memory: Milton Jones (Comedian)

Comedy Festival – Milton Jones was very entertaining.

From: Anon


Memory: Summer Memories

Attending so many marvellous productions and performances by famous actors!

It used to be quite an event during the summer – evening dress – opening the door to the ladies loo for famous actresses in all their exoticness, having famous people sitting on the next table in the restaurant. So many memories over the last 40 years.

From: Anon

Memory: The Barchester Chronicles (2000)

Photographs rehearsal - Barchester Chronicles - 2000 - J Eydmann Collection - 1 of 3

My best memories of CFT are of The Barchester Chronicles in April 2000. There was one professional director, Roger Redfarn, and some 300 amateurs who included actors, costumiers, make-up artists etc. I was in the dance team and in the crowds. It was great fun and a good re-launch for the theatre.

From: Jim Tice